State of Oklahoma

2nd Session of the 58th Legislature (2022)

Cannabis Edition
Cannabis Legislation Summary - download.
House Bill 3208
State Rep. Rusty Cornwell
This is the moratorium on commercial licenses written by state Rep. Rusty Cornwell. No new commercial licenses will be granted beginning July 1, 2022 for a period of 2 years to allow OMMA to catch up on inspections and get everyone compliant. The situation is considered an emergency for the preservation of public peace and safety. 

House Bill 2989
State Rep. Todd Russ
This bill introduced by state Rep. Todd Russ will make new business applications get approval from the county they will be in before applying for a license from OMMA. New applicants will submit a request to the county before June 30 of each year. If the request is denied, they can’t apply again in the same county for 5 years. 

House Bill 3634
State Rep. Scott Fetgatter
A new wholesaler license would be created by this bill by state Rep. Scott Fetgatter. The new license makes it possible for a third party (a broker) to sell medical marijuana on behalf of another licensed business. The bill explains how to get the license and other requirements like security, storage and seed-to-sale tracking. 

House Bill 3347
State Rep. Scott Fetgatter
This is a 64 page document written by state Rep. Scott Fetgatter relating to taxes and deductions. Basically it allows normal business tax deductions that are denied by section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code. There’s some mention of providing additional deductions equal to the amount that is not allowed by the IRS and the tax years that the additional deductions are applicable. This sounds really promising but keep in mind that I’m not a lawyer or an accountant and 64 pages of legalese is a lot to digest. 

Senate Bill 1219
Sen. David Bullard
An honorable mention goes out to Sen. David Bullard for this odd addition about packaging and labeling. 
In it all medical marijuana edibles are required to be in clear containers. And all solid edibles are required to be in the shape of a marijuana leaf. I’m not making this up. It goes on to say that this does not apply to products in liquid form. 

Cannabis legislation summary.